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New Jersey Governor Christie Hosts Prince Harry

On the last leg of his visit to the United States this week, Prince Harry was escorted along New Jersey seashore by the state’s governor Chris Christie in order to view the ongoing restoration efforts happening since Hurricane Sandy.

The popular member of the Royal Family, son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, had asked to see the scene of the hurricane devastation after meeting a member of the military who told him he had lost him home last fall after Sandy swept through the Northeastern portion of the U.S.

Harry and Christie met in the hard-hit town of Mantaloking, where the Governor presented the Prince with a gift of a navy blue jacket similar to one which Christie is fond of wearing.

After Harry accepted the “Royal Fleece” presented by New Jersey’s Governor, the two were off to see the ongoing restoration efforts in addition to speaking and being greeted by local responders and residents of the storm-torn area, just now getting back onto its feet before the normally busy summer seashore season. Both the Prince and the Governor shook hands with many of the workers who are rebuilding the area’s famous boardwalk.

Harry broke the solemnity of the visit by trying his hand at one of the boardwalk games and winning a prize for a young local girl.

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