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California Man Shoots Two Daughters, Killing One

With his three young grandchildren present in the home, a California man went on a shooting rampage which resulted in the death of one of his daughters as well as his ultimate suicide.

Anthony Alvarez, a 63-year old resident of Tulare County, took a gun and shot both of his adult daughters who were in the home at the time, critically injuring one and fatally killing the other.

Jennifer Kimble, Alvarez’s daughter and mother of the three children present, died from multiple gunshot wounds. Her eight-year-old daughter was the individual who dialed 911 to report that her grandfather was firing a weapon.

Valerie Alvarez, Jennifer’s sister and shooter Alvarez’s other daughter, survived her wounds and was being treated at a nearby hospital. She is reportedly in stable condition following life-saving surgery.

Following the shootings, Alvarez pointed the gun at his own head and took his life. Police officials plan on conducting autopsies on both of the dead victims, but are at a loss as to what might have motivated Alvarez to shoot both of his adult daughters.

Kimble’s spouse was at his place of employment when the shootings took place and her co-workers say they are shocked by the tragedy.

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