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Missouri Overpass Collapses after Train Collision

Two trains collided in a secluded area of Missouri prompting a highway overpass to collapse after support structures were struck by rail cars from the two trains.

Luckily the Highway M overpass close to the small Missouri town of Chaffee was quiet and only two cars were on the overpass at the time of the collapse.

A Scott County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson and a spokesperson from Cape Girardeau reported only seven injuries required hospital treatment, with all seven injured released from the hospital later on Saturday.

Sheriff Rick Walter stated the overpass bridge was only around 15 years old and was simply unable to withstand the impact of the train cars striking it; two sections of 40 feet each collapsed under the weight of the impact.

The incident occurred on Saturday when a Union Pacific train struck the side of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train sending rail cars crashing into the supports of the overpass.

A deputy sheriff pulled the engineer and conductor from the wrecked engine of the Union Pacific train; five people from two cars traveling on the Highway M overpass were taken to hospital for treatment.

The injuries suffered by all involved were described as minor with the most serious injury being a fracture.

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