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Top Gun under Fire: Army Commander Alleged to have Supported Adultery

Scenic Fort Greeley, framed by snow-topped mountains that house an abundance of wildlife, is now the scene of unprecedented controversy. The facility near Anchorage, Alaska, is a strategic part of the United States missile-defense system. Approximately 10 per cent of the 195 battalion members are female.

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Miley, the commander of the Army National Guard’s 49th Missile Defense Battalion, is accused of condoning sexual affairs. Miley allegedly permitted sexual favors between his officers and his soldiers. Army rules prohibit commanders from engaging in sexual relationships with their subordinates.

The command, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama is conducting a joint inquiry with the Alaska Army National Guard.

Lieutenant Miley was the subject of a previous investigation after he sponsored a pin-up calendar that featured his wife Tracey and several skimpily-clad female soldiers from Fort Greeley. Pin-up calendars are a military tradition, and often a part of fund-raising activities. However, some viewed the photo montage in the calendar as a bit racier than its World War II counterparts.

In the current investigation, it is alleged that the environment at Fort Greeley allowed enlisted members to garner favorable treatment from officers in exchange for sexual activities. The inquiry is still in progress.

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