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Broken Safe Creates “Rainstorm of Money” in Belgian Town

One million euros were blown out of a safe and into the streets of Zedlgem, Belgium on Friday.

The safe was stolen from a home in a neighboring town. When police started to pursue the thieves, they got nervous and threw the safe into the street, cracking it open in the process.

The money from within the safe – totaling one million euros – dispersed itself on the street like a “rainstorm of money,” causing many residents in the area to come out into the street and start collecting it.

Several drivers stopped their cars and grabbed some of the money before speeding away, and one resident was spotted using a broom to sweep bills into her home.

The police attempted to reconcile the funds from residents it was able to see stashing it. After asking for resident cooperation, several people also came forward to return funds.

An anonymous return box has been set up in the town for people to deposit funds they might have taken without actually going into the police station to turn themselves in. Someone attempted to take that box, however, so it is now encased in concrete.

Only half of the stolen million is currently in police custody. The robbers have not been apprehended.

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