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Edinburgh Student Fashions Handbags from Cow Stomachs

Tomorrow’s leading fashion designer is today’s creative thinking student. A student studying design at Napier University in Edinburgh has caused a stir with her handbag collection, all made using the lining of a cow’s stomach as its primary material.

Jocelyn Mather has four handbags on display at the Creative Degree Show currently being held at the University. Each of her unique handbags was hand stitched and features tripe, which is the lining of a cow’s stomach, either as the outer material or inside lining surface of the handbag.

Mather continued the bovine theme on each of her four offerings, including a handbag and clutch purse, by using cow horn and bull rings for fasteners.

Mather reports, however, that she has suffered for her art.

A landlord who recently inspected her apartment spotted the cow horns among her belongings and thinking they were elephant ivory horns, which are illegal to own, called wildlife authorities who paid a visit to Mather.

Mather quickly cleared up the confusion and did not face any arrest charges, although she admits the raid left her terrified.

The budding designer was inspired to use Scotland’s national animal in her handbag creations in an effort to use parts of the creature that are normally discarded.

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