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Lab Grown $325,000 Burger

Fans of new technology will be interested to hear about the most expensive burger ever created, and created in a London lab through in vitro methods.

The beef muscle tissue has been grilled up to create a five ounce burger that was financed properly in order to present the new research and potential of cultured meat to the world.

Mark Post is in charge of the project at Maastricht University and says it was really a way to shine light on this form of research and show that with the right funding and improvements to the technology, it is possible to grow living tissue from cells grown in fetal serum. Each cell grown is an important part of the process and a huge cost, so it was important that the project is closely guarded and overseen.

Even with the success of this project it is apparent that more funding, research and engineering needs to take place before these methods can be used to grow cultured meat for the global food economy.

As for Post, he claims that the meat has a very palatable taste and describes it as good. A special London event is planned where the burger will be presented.

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